On December 9, students from Zaporizhzhia Lyceum “Perspective” visited “Tkuma” Institute and the Holocaust Museum. This visit was made possible by “Multicultural dialogue” program as part of the Kulturna Stolytsia program. Researcher Dr. Olena Ishchenko conducted a thematic museum lesson, which focused on the Holocaust, considering the specifics of the occupation regime in Ukraine, actions of extermination of Jews in cities (“Babyny Yars” of Ukraine), and other genocides, chronologically associated with World War II (genocide of Roma, deportation of the Crimean Tatar and other peoples of Crimea, etc.).

After the thematic excursion, students had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Igor Shchupak about the peculiarities of covering certain historical phenomena in the pages of textbooks, the importance of studying and preserving the history of the common past. Iryna Piskariova, head of the education department of “Tkuma” Institute, focused the attention of young people on further research and scientific work, participation in national and international programs.

The lesson showed the desire of young people to acquire knowledge on key issues of history, to reflect on the terrible lessons of the past and to prevent the possibility of their recurrence in the future.