On March 24, a webinar “Distance and “traditional” education in triangular relationship “students-parents-teachers”” was held, organized by “Tkuma” Institute, the Education Ombudsman of Ukraine and the “Orion” Publishing House.

- Distance education: a problem – or opportunities, a forced step – or our future?

- Education managers, teachers, students, their parents: who is responsible for “at a distance”?

- What did distance learning reveal in the education system?

- What are the prospects for distance education in the “world without a pandemic”?

- How to effectively use distance learning when studying the history of World War II and the Holocaust?

These and other issues were discussed by the participants of the webinar with the speakers:

Olena Burlaka, Honored Educator of Ukraine, winner of the All-Ukrainian competition “Teacher of the Year – 2016” in the category “History”, Deputy Director of Horodyshche Lyceum of Horodyshche District Council of Cherkasy region (Cherkasy region);

Serhiy Gorbachev, Ukrainian educator, journalist, the first educational ombudsman of Ukraine (Kyiv);

Yuriy Kononenko, Head of the Main Department of General Secondary and Preschool Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Kyiv);

Iryna Kruchok, mother of schoolchildren – 7th grade student and 11th grade student (Rivne);

Taras Pylypchuk, teacher of history and jurisprudence of Rivne Academic Lyceum “Prestige” named after Lilia Kotovska of Rivne City Council; teacher of the highest category; winner of the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian competition “Teacher of the Year – 2020” in the nomination “History” (Rivne);

Igor Shchupak, Honored Educator of Ukraine, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Director of “Tkuma” Institute, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” (Dnipro).

You can watch the broadcast below.