On January 18, educational marathon for history teachers of our city was held at the Center for Professional Development “Educational trajectory” of Dnipro City Council. Teachers, members of the author's team of new history textbooks, as well as atlases, workbooks, model programs (“Orion” Ukrainian Educational Publishing Center) gave interactive lectures-presentations to the participants:

- Natalia Vlasova, teacher-methodist, director of “Scientific lyceum of international relations of II-III degrees” University of Customs and Finance;

- Iryna Piskariova, head of “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies Educational Department;

- D,ytro Sekirinsky, history teacher of Zaporizhzhia multidisciplinary lyceum “Prospect”, teacher-methodist, specialist of the highest category (Zaporizhzhia);

- Igor Shchupak, Ph. D., director of “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”, Honored Educator of Ukraine (Dnipro);

During the marathon they talked, in particular, about the features of model curricula and calendar-thematic planning for history lessons, discussed how to interest students in the history study. The problems of modern and effective methods of teaching history (in particular, in the World War II and the Holocaust history study), the use of multimedia technologies in paper history textbooks were discussed.

Particular attention was paid to the analysis of modern approaches to well-known historical events and phenomena. Speakers presented new textbooks on world and Ukrainian history, which were created by leading scientists and creative teachers from different regions of Ukraine. Workbooks and historical atlases published by “Orion” which will help students to learn better the history were also presented.