On February 16, new webinar of “Tkuma” Institute and the “Orion” Regional Center took place. The topic of the event is “Fifth grade and “New Ukrainian School” for you: history and civic education - a harmony of classics and innovation”

The speakers of the educational event were:

- Olena Burlaka, history teacher, Deputy Director of the Horodyshche Economic Lyceum of the Horodyshche City Council of the Cherkasy Region, Honored Educator of Ukraine (Cherkasy Region);

- Iryna Piskariova, Head of Educational Programs of “Tkuma” Institute (Dnipro);

-Andriy Posunko, Doctor of Philosophy, Research Fellow, D. Yavornytsky National Historical Museum of Dnipro, co-author of history textbooks (Dnipro).

-Igor Shchupak, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Director of "Tkuma" Institute, Museum "Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”, Member of the Board of Directors of UJE (Canada), Honored Educator of Ukraine (Dnipro).

The following issues were addressed during the webinar:

• Program and methodological support of the course "Introduction to the History of Ukraine and Civic Education";

• “History with raisins” or the competence potential of new textbooks for 5th grade;

• Shaping the citizen: a dialogue of history and civic education.

The recording of the broadcast you can watch on the YouTube channel of “Tkuma” Institute.