The 10 International Inter-religious Youth Seminar “The Ark” is over. The event was organized on July 19 – 27 and involved 40 participants. Traditionally, representatives of different nationalities (Ukrainians, Poles, Jews and Crimean Tatars) from Ukraine became the participants.

“The Ark” program traditionally consisted of several main blocks:

-                   Educational – block of lectures and seminars conducted by Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish and Tatar scholars, representing the diverse views on important and interesting problems of history and culture;

-                   Interactive – debates, "round tables", workshops, psychological and Integrational trainings, master classes;

-                   National and cultural presentations – during Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish and Crimean Tatar thematic days participants demonstrate features of national traditions and cultures, teaching representatives of other ethnic communities. “The Ark” Participants create the real fireworks of Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish and Crimean Tatar folk ceremonies, dances, songs, games, historical stories, etc.;

-                   Spiritual and religious – this thematic block was first separated into individual day in 2014, it is dedicated to the common and especial in religious issues.

Scholars and public figures from Ukraine, Poland and Israel participated in the training program of the seminar. Among them: Dr. Aharon Weiss, Taras Boznyak,Dr. Igor Shchupak, Prof. Myroslav Marynovych, Dr Pavel Koval, Ulviye Ablayeva, Alim Aliyev, and others.

Another interesting fact of “The Ark” life is sightseeing seventh day. This year the participants visited the castle in Krasiczyn, which refers to the Renaissance castles on the territory of modern Poland, as well as a Przemysl, which belongs to the oldest Polish cities. Participants were able to see the ancient city center and enjoy its superior architecture.

“The Ark 2015” is over, but communication between the parties did not stop. Indeed, during the eight days seminar participants became not just friends, but a real family, which continues communication outside “The Ark” as well.