Latest Issue

Issue 9 (2017)


Roman Shlyakhtich.  Creation and operation of Kriviy Rig local Auxiliary Police during the German Occupation (ukr) / Summary (eng)

Faina Vinokurova. The Holocaust by bullets, famine and diseases: fate of the Jews in Transnistria in 1941–1942 (ukr) Summary (eng)

Alexander Kruglov. Deportation and destruction of Odessa Jews in the northern parts of the region in 1942 (rus) Summary (eng)

Irina Zakharchuk. Memory and identity: images of the Holocaust in Ukrainian literature (ukr) Summary (eng)

Vladimir (Zeev) Khanin, Elina Bardach-Yalova. Historical memory of the Postmodern Epoch: experts’ opinion on the place of the Holocaust in the self-awareness of post-Soviet Jewry (rus) Summary (eng)


 Іgor Shchupak. Destruction and rescue of Borislav Jews: analysis of one document from the Jewish Historical Institute Archive (ukr)

 Denis Shatalov. "I learnt about great tragic things": information about the Holocaust in the letters of servicemen of the Red Army  (ukr / rus)

 Iegor Vradii. Genocides and totalitarianism of the first half of 20th century by the eyes of the inhabitant of the province (ukr / rus)



 Rebecca L. Golbert. Holocaust Sites in Ukraine: Pechora and the politics of memorialization (translated by S. Hirik)(ukr)


Vasyl Gulay. Righteous among the Nations: A Handbook / Ed. by I. Shchupak. - Dnipro: "Tkuma" Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies, 2016. - 224 p.(ukr)

Maxim Gon, Petro Dolganov, Nataliya Іvchyk. Reanimated history of mass murder: review of Jeffrey Burds' book "Holocaust in Rovno"(ukr)



Valentin Rybalka. International public symposium "Empires, colonies and famine in the historical and comparative perspective" (ukr)

Anna Medvedovska. International Conference "Babyn Jar and other „forgotten” sites of the Holocaust"(ukr)