On January 27, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” held a ceremony dedicated to the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Ilya Dubinsky, second secretary of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine, director of “Nativ” Israeli Cultural Center in Dnipro, Stefan Keil, consul general of the Federal Republic of Germany, Raffael Heltzer, “Sohnut-Ukraine”  regional director, Oleh Rostovtsev, advisor to Dnipro mayor; Faina Vakhutinska, head of the ghetto juvenile prisoners association, Dr. Oleh Repan, historian and ATO veteran made a speeches on the importance of preserving the memory of the Holocaust terrible events and its lessons for today. Each speaker lit a candle to commemorate the millions of Jewish genocide victims. Reuven Milman read a commemorative prayer for the Holocaust victims.

The video of the Ceremony can be viewed by the link.