"Tkuma" Institute has experience in organization and conduction of educational events for school and university students, school teachers. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, regional institutes of advanced teacher training, "Tkuma" Institute organized special system of seminars for improvement of teachers' skills.

"Tkuma" Institute has unique experience in creating textbooks. School History textbooks created by "Tkuma" Institute won All-Ukrainian State Contests and were released in hundreds of thousands of copies.

"Tkuma" Institute effectively cooperates with regional office of Junior Academy of Sciences. On the base of "Tkuma" Institute winter and summer sessions of JAS are conducted. During this events school students have an opportunity to work with the Holocaust museum holdings, consult the Institute and Museum research associates and meet famous Ukrainian and foreign scholars.

On April 8, on demand of history teacher Natalia Diordieva, “Tkuma” Institute organized an interactive online lesson on the Holocaust history for 10th grade students of Zaporizhzhia Multidisciplinary Lyceum № 99.

On April 14, the webinar “Formation of a culture of memory and organization of interethnic dialogue: educational youth programs in Poland” was organized by “Tkuma” Institute, the Christian community “Drzewo Oliwne” (Poland), the “Orion” Publishing House.

On March 24, a webinar “Distance and “traditional” education in triangular relationship “students-parents-teachers”” was held, organized by “Tkuma” Institute, the Education Ombudsman of Ukraine and the “Orion” Publishing House.

On March 10, the historical webinar of “Tkuma” Institute, Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” and “Orion” Publishing House took place. The topic of the educational event – “New history textbooks for 8th grade: a tool for teachers, motivation for students; a remedy for boredom”.

On March 3, historical webinar “Ukrainian nobility and Cossacks; Poles, Jews and Tatars in New History Textbooks: Knowledge of History and Deprivation of Stereotypes” was organized by “Tkuma” Institute, Museum ‘Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” and “Orion” Publishing House.