Category: Other Publications
Editor: "Tkuma"
Pages: 184
ISBN: 978-966-1696-15-9
Library: Tkuma Publications
Location: Dnipropetrovsk
Year: 2010
File: 2010_vospominaniya_3.pdf
Note: Reviving the Memory: Collection of Remembrances of the Holocaust Victims & Witnesses. Issue 3. – Dnipropetrovsk: “Tkuma” Institute, 2010. – 184 p.

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The feature of the book is that it combines testimonies of participants of historic events, the Holocaust and Righteous Among the Nations.

Memories contain rich material about relationships between people of different nationalities, information about Nazi persecution of Jews, mass extermination and rescue.

These pictures help to imagine diverse image of the war, the image of the Holocaust that is important for pupils, students, teachers, all those who learn and teach the history of the Holocaust and for all who are interested in history.