Category: Other Publications
Editor: "Volyn charms"
Pages: 431
ISBN: 966-416-026-1
Library: Tkuma Publications
Location: Rivne
Year: 2006
Note: Maksym Hon. Features of Inter-ethnic Interaction in the Context of Political Processes in Western Ukraine in the Interwar Period. Monograph — Rivne: Volyn oberehy, 2006. — 431 p.

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It is a research of interethnic interaction carried out on the example of the Western Ukrainian ethno-political sphere between the two world wars. Analyzing the initiative of political actors and ethnic elites, the author clarifies the peculiarities of the interaction of groups in post-imperial space and after incorporation of the region by Poland, highlights the causes of ethnic conflicts and competition, the criteria for compromises and consensus among ethno-national communities.

The book is addressed to political scientists, historians, students studying ethno-political processes.